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Re: How to pick a window?

OK, I guess I asked for it :-)  I'll check the books (including yours; I
bought that a couple of weeks ago too :-)
Just for some encouragement before I try this, is there an easy way to
translate something like

tvscl, indgen(256,256)

into 'widget speak'?


In article <MPG.14da61e9f8de5b13989d34@news.frii.com>,
  davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning) wrote:
> AM (no_spamus@yahoo.com) writes:
> > I am trying to find out which idl window I clicked on (ie, selected)
> > I have a number of them on the screen. I want to feed that back into
> > routine that then goes and does something depending on which window
> > click on. I am using the "old fashioned" windows created with
> > rather than these new fangled "widget windows". Is here a solution
or do
> > I have to use widgets? I am using idl 5.4 in a unix environment.
> Do you *have* to use widgets!?
> ...Nope. Huh, uh. I'm not gonna say anything...
> My mamma told me if you can't think of anything
> good to say, just keep your mouth shut.
> > Maybe I can get the window manager to say something to idl?
> Do you mean like ... No, no, just forget it.
> Cheers,
> David
> P.S. Let's just say if IDL weren't first written
> in Neanderthal times we would *all* be using widgets
> as windows. Sheesh!
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