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Re: How to pick a window?

"AM" <no_spamus@yahoo.com> wrote in message
> I am trying to find out which idl window I clicked on (ie, selected) if
> I have a number of them on the screen. I want to feed that back into a
> routine that then goes and does something depending on which window I
> click on. I am using the "old fashioned" windows created with 'window',
> rather than these new fangled "widget windows". Is here a solution or do
> I have to use widgets?

I think you do have to use widgets. Check out David Fanning's WWW site. Read
his book. Read the WIDGET_BASE documentation and pay special attention to

> I am using idl 5.4 in a unix environment. Maybe I
> can get the window manager to say something to idl?

I am sure it already does. But can you get IDL to listen to it?

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