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Re: Smoking Man

JD Smith (jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu) writes:
> David has cast his net with skill and pulled in a fat bounty of
> lurkers.  For some, the thought of bigger fish, observing silently from
> just outside the circle of light, floating through a darkened mist
> unwitnessed, unheard, weighs heavily upon them.  So where are the the
> smoking men, chuckling to themselves, quiet and throaty, in dark
> windowless rooms?  Sipping cold, stained mugs of coffee in the deep
> recesses of unknown facilities, judging us with passing and ambiguous
> interest.  Manipulating the threads of our enterprise, as a boy
> redirects the unwavering purposefulness of marching ants along a blade
> of grass.  The puppet-master, the illuminatus mirabilis, for whom our
> whole culture is but a toy among many, eventually to be discarded.  
> These are the lurkers we fear, yet cannot face.  Show thyself!

18!? My wife is right. She is *always* right. :-(



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