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Thanks Ronn, and
yes, I included idl32.lib, and no I didn't include the .def file, but used
_declspec(export) instead.

"ronn kling" <ronn@rlkling.com> wrote in message
> in article t77g9p9h61ii48@corp.supernews.com, isojoern at
> isojoern@linkline.com wrote on 1/28/01 1:47 AM:
> > Hi there,
> >
> > to learn how to use dlls I used the IDL example code for simple_vars.
> > instead of using nmake, I wanted to move the compilation process inside
> > Visual C++ (with nmake everything works fine).
> >
> > So I built a dll frame with the wizard and included stdio.h and export.h
> > StdAfx.h, and linked to idl32.h
> Joern,
> First let me recommend that you go straight to using DLM's and skip
> call_external. You will be much happier with the results.
> Now, you really meant idl32.lib not idl32.h, right? Assuming that is
> did you include the call_examples.def file in the project? I avoid using
> call_external so I don't know if you also need to have an export file, but
> that might be a problem also.
> If you want to get a really good book on calling C from IDL using DLM's go
> to http:\\www.rkling.com and click the link to "Books on IDL" at the top
> the page;) Of course, I am biased on the book but I have received a ton of
> positive comments on it!
> -Ronn
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