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Re: objects in loop

Murray Shearer (shearerm@bp.com) writes:

> The problem is this bit of code is part of a program for creating
> animations of data. When I want to change the instrument location I
> destroy the model and recreate from scratch, which also works (for the
> first couple of animations at least). However after a few loops IDL
> turns into a memory gobbling monster, windows has a whine about running
> out of memory and promptly collapses into a gibbering heap (this may be
> because I am running 5.3 in Win2000?).

This sounds suspiciously like a a problem I ran into
last week, which turned out to be a hardware rendering
issue. By switching to software rendering, the problem
completely disappeared. In any case, turning software
rendering on is the FIRST thing I check when I have
ANY kind of problem with object graphics. It solves
about 80% of my problems. :-)

I think you solved your other problem correctly by
using a container object.


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