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Re: Fontifying large buffers in idlwave?

>>>>> "TC" == Todd Clements <mole6e23@hotmail.com> writes:

TC> Hi all...  Any of you idlwave users (or programmers) out there
TC> know how to set up xemacs to fontify a large buffer? I have some
TC> IDL code that is > 250K in size (not my own code, otherwise I'd
TC> break it up...) that I'd like to be able to fontify, but emacs
TC> says "buffer too big".

In .emacs, use this:

     (setq font-lock-maximum-size 1000000)

The number is a buffer size in bytes (not lines).  You can also use

     (setq font-lock-maximum-size nil)

to remove any size limit.

- Carsten

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