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Re: Hi, My Name is David. And I'm a Lurker

In article <VyT+cTAUiBg6sAhv@sghphy.demon.co.uk>, Nicholas Keat <nick@impactscan.org> writes:
|> In article <MPG.14dabaddb4dbb4be989d39@news.frii.com>, David Fanning
|> <davidf@dfanning.com> writes
|> >So I propose a new thread for lurkers only.

|> [snip] It's nice to know that there's at
|> least one small corner of usenet free from flames, trolls and otherwise
|> objectionable people.

Hi, My name is Hugh, and I am a troll. I lurk under this bridge 
frequently. Please feed me. 

I use IDL as most of the people I collaborate with use it too. 
I also tinker with the free software alternatives such as
<troll_mode> R, Octave and Yorick </troll_mode>.

I like almost everything about IDL apart from the price and the lack of HDF5

Must go, there is someone trip-trapping over my bridge.



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