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Problems with line-filled contours

Hi, my name is Tim, and I'm working at the Fleet Numerical Meteorology
and Oceanography Center in Monterey.

I have a routine called plot_contour that calls the CONTOUR function.
This routine is passed parameters that will be passed on to CONTOUR. I
call plot_contour twice. The first time is to overplot a line-filled
contour (of isotachs) onto a map. The second time is to overplot the map
and line-filled contour with another set of contour lines (representing
geopotential heights). These are not supposed to be filled.

The problem is that my second call to plot_contour is giving me
line-filled contours where I don't want a fill. I have verified that I
am setting both FILL and CELL_FILL to zero before the second call to
plot_contour. (I set FILL=1 on the first call).

Any leads anyone can give me will be greatly appreciated!

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