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Re: unwrap modulo 2pi

I am sorry, but I am still a little behind here, please bear with me.
Must be the lack of coffe. What is the "unwrapping of the function
mod(x,y)" ? I might think of a solution if I knew what I am looking at.


graham_wilson@my-deja.com wrote:

> The 'seq' command simply makes a vector [2,4,6,8,10] and the 'colunmod'
> function is what I am looking for i.e. a function that will undo/unwrap
> the function mod(x,y).  I have looked for this function on the net as
> you suggested (Martin's IDL 11 online libraries) but I have yet to find
> it... Can you be more specific regarding which library or where I should
> look?
> Indeed, I only need the dim 1 case.
> Thanks!
> GW
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