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Re: Hi, My Name is David. And I'm a Lurker

My name is Doug. I live in Golden, Colorado, and work in Denver.  My 
typical use of IDL is to create some graph for inclusion in a 
scientific paper.  I don't do to much with it otherwise.  IDL is one 
of a suite of programs that I use for creating graphical display. 
Others include Mathematica, Matlab, and SPLUS.  

David, as a lurker I routinely look for your postings in this
Although there is not much I can do to reward you for your work, let me 
say that I do appreciate the time you take to post informative messages.
I bought the first edition of your book, IDL Programming Techniques,
primarily based on the quality of your posts to this newsgroup.

Anyway, here is my contribution to your efforts:  All, if your are an
occasional user of IDL, in my opinion, the best reference is David
Fanning's book, IDL Programming Techniques.

Hope this is helpful.


Dr. Douglas Hart
WesternGeco R&D
Denver, Colorado

doug.hart@(REMOVE)westerngeco.com(ME)  -- Remove the obvious to email.