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Re: Hi, My Name is David. And I'm a Lurker


I've been using IDL and reading The Group for about eight years, but I've
obviously got behind on my reading over the last two weeks!

I put in the occasional posting here and there, usually to nag yet again if
anyone would be able and interested to develop a Windows executable
(employing Callable IDL, I guess) that acts as a command-line IDL process.
If this were available, Windows IDL users can use the *wonderful* Emacs
IDLWAVE shell mode. I find the IDLWAVE editing mode to be great, even on its
own! Any takers? Please contact me.

Oh, and in our family are Pepper the dog, and the cats Dizzy, Jerry and
Robbin! (the cats demanded equal time)

Thanks again to all contributors to this wonderful newsgroup.

Dick Jackson / dick@d-jackson.com
D-Jackson Software Consulting / http://www.d-jackson.com
Calgary, Alberta, Canada / Voice/Fax: +1-403-242-7398