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Re: calling C++ from IDL - throwing exceptions

Ugo_DiGirolamo@InVision.iip.com writes:

> I'm planning to use IDL as a front end for a C++ dll with call_external.
> However I couldn't find any way of handling in IDL an exception thrown
> from the C++ code.
> I was wondering if anyone have an idea about it (also if to confirm
> that it's impossible!) or if the DLM way would work better.
> However, I've no real idea about what DLM is and I found really little
> clue on it in the RSI documentation.
> cheers


I believe that IDL is written entirely in C, so you won't get any C++
exception support from it.

Probably the best thing to do perform all exception handling in your
wrapper routine.

There is nothing super-special about a DLM routine, except that it
provides a standard mechanism for dynamic loading of code into IDL.
While I haven't used it myself, I think it's probably the best
solution for most applications these days.


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