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Re: Serial Port access

Hmmm - well I don't have anything attached on my com ports, but I've 
managed to write to my printer port (LPT1:) with the following code and get 
a page out of the printer.

As for using READU, you'll probably have to create a small string to start 
with so IDL knows when to stop reading (as in the online help example).

Hope this helps,


IDL> print, !version
{ x86 Win32 Windows 5.3.1 Feb 23 2000}

PRO test_print

	OPENW, u, "LPT1:", /GET_LUN

    	;Create some text, followed by form feed	
	txt = "Testing from IDL" + (STRING(12B))[0]
	WRITEU, u, txt
	HELP, FSTAT(u), /str ;Show debug info
	FREE_LUN, u ;Close and free lun
	PRINT, "Done"

Richard_Tyc@sbrc.umanitoba.ca (Richard Tyc) wrote in

>Tried just opening 'COM1:' like your example states.
>Do not see any data on a writeu get to my device. On a readu, IDL
>completely hangs up and can only be killed by the task manager ??  I
>know the device spits out 60 byte messages every second so it cannot be
>waiting for data. 
>I am not too confident with the concept of 'OPEN, COM1' in IDL.
>Anyone else know if this is possible ??
>Using IDL 5.4 on Win NT 4.0 SP5