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Typing in a widget_text crashes my C program!

Hi, All.

Been using IDL (currently 5.4) for a while now, but I've come across a
unexpected problem that has left me frustrated.   We are using some
C-code to drive some electronics through a PCI card on our Sun Ultra
10.  During readout of our electronics, I noticed it would
intermittently crash.  After weeks of mysterious crashes, I discovered
the program crashes when I type into a widget_text box!

Any ideas why?  What happens, on a system level, when a user types into
a widget_text?  What would cause this (or any) kind of interaction
between IDL and C?

The C code is not called by IDL but rather running in a separate shell.
The solution to my problem would no doubt require a change to either my
system setting or my C-code, since it is desirable that the C-code could
run regardless of any IDL processes running concurrently.

Jason Weiss.

"Pull against the tide, and you pull against the gradient,
    Woven with era, we belong to the ages."
                    -- Trash Can Sinatras, "Orange Fell"