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Re: JHU/APL/S1R IDL Library update.

In article <MPG.14f8edabd868ace8989d59@news.frii.com>, David Fanning
<davidf@dfanning.com> wrote:

> Ray Sterner SRO (sterner@tesla.jhuapl.edu) writes:
> >   Accessing the ftp site
> >   ----------------------
> >   By a web browser: ftp://fermi.jhuapl.edu/pub/idl/
> Well, perhaps with your web browser, but decidedly
> not from mine. (Windows, of course, and the latest.)
> Does anyone know why this might be the case? It 
> didn't use to be this way, but has been for the
> past 6 months or so.
> I have no trouble getting into this site using
> an FTP program.

I have had trouble getting into some sites (like NCAR) with my browser,
while ftp works.  I'm convinced it is because of the firewall at their
end.  Maybe Ray put you on the persona non grata list at APL!  You
could try a traceroute and see how far your packets are getting.