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Re: JHU/APL/S1R IDL Library update.

Norbert Hahn (hahn@hrz.tu-darmstadt.de) writes:

> Strange problem. I tried NetScape Communicator 4.72
> with both Win 98 and Linux: No problem.
> The same with Internet Expolrer 5.5 with Win 98.

It is a strange problem. More investigating yesterday
revealed that in fact I do successfully log into the
site, but that the folders just do not appear in
my browser window. (I see an all-white blank window.)

This was revealed to me when I decided to "back up"
a directory and I saw the expected files there.
Then, clicking on the original directory got me to
the files.

I'm thinking now this may be related to another
problem I have never been able to resolve: namely,
that opening PDF files in my browser always seems
to "work", but also only results in white pages.
I've re-installed both IE 5.5 and Acrobat Reader 4.0
numerous times, in various orders, but have never
managed to get this working either.

I love computers. :-(


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