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Re: Good text for beginners?


In addition to the recommendations for David's book (to which I add my own) , I
think that Ronn Kling's book, 'Application Development with IDL' should be
included.  It's target audience is mid-level programmers.  I found it helpful
when I got into the down-and-dirty of making object-based widget applications.

Each book represents money well spent.


P.S.  Ronn's book makes use of the Reverse_indices from histogram.   Everytime
JD or Craig post something using the histogram and reverse indices I dig out
Ronn's book.

Dan Drew wrote:

> I'm trying to learn IDL 5.2 for Windows and I'm a beginner, and have
> discovered quickly that this is no easy language.  I used Mathematica quite
> a bit as well as a little Macsyma.  Do any of you have a recommendation for
> a beginning text?  I suppose the Fanning book would be the natural choice,
> but I'm not sure.  Thanks.
> Dan

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