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Re: New to Linux not IDL

Hi Perry,

RSI may not officially support RH7.0, but I have had not problems using
IDL on it, and *think* that the same goes for many other people on this
newsgroup. I don't remember the thread topic but somewhere between 2 and 4
months ago there was a thread on IDL & RH7.0 The bugs were window manager
bugs, and other trivial things, if i remember correctly.


Kenneth Mankoff					            LASP        
mankoff@lasp.colorado.edu		  	   1234 Innovation Drive
303.492.3264(p)					     Boulder, CO 80303

On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, Perry Phillips wrote:

>We are converting a Windows machine to Linux and would like to add IDL 
>to it. RSI list Red Hat Linux 6.2 as the supported operating system. 
>However, Red Hat is now only selling Red Hat 7. Does anyone have an idea 
>when RSI will start support version 7. They seem to keep up with the Mac 
>and Window operating systems. Is it true for Linux 86?
>Perry Phillips                p.phillips@mail.utexas.edu