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Re: Modules directory howto find or link IDL 2 it

"Sean Heukels" <sean77=cuthere=@dds.nl> writes:

> I've written several modules, ones that work,
> and have proven themselves through time,
> how do I link them (from a subdir) in IDL???
> We have IDL running on Unix, multi user, all with our own homes.
> I want my version of IDL or in my environment to look for a PRO file
> in its current directory, then MYmodule directory and then the IDL main
> module directory.
> How can I accomplish this?
> Must I set a environment variable??

Quick answers.  I assume you are running Unix, since that's what it
sounds like from your post:

 * if you have an idl_setup script that runs in your login files, then
   right after that, put the following statement:

    setenv IDL_PATH $HOME/mymodule:$IDL_PATH

   or the equivalent in your shell language

 * if you are using a default "idl" script, then you won't be able to
   set the path variable in your login ahead of time.  You can still
   use a start-up script.  In your login file put something like this:

    setenv IDL_STARTUP ~/.idl_startup.pro

   and in .idl_startup.pro put this:

    !PATH = '~/mymodule:' + !PATH


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