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Re: Change default value of system variable?

In article <3A9BD598.317C5212@fz-juelich.de>, Reimar Bauer
<r.bauer@fz-juelich.de> wrote:

> we have developed a plot environment to solve this and some other
> problems.
> The idea is to always initialize the device for each plot.
> What's all have to be done to make a plot is shown below.
> initialize 
> open device
> make plot
> close device
> initialize: (plotprepare)
> * loads a predefined structure. This is used to store 
>   setting in keywords for the plots
> * The actual system variables are saved 
> * The foreground and background color is set
> open device:  (plotinit)
> * defines the device sizes
> * opens the output device
> * loads the colortable
> make plot (plotxy, plot2d, plotxy_2d, plot3d ...)
> plot, contour  and so on
> close device (plotend)
> * the device is closed
> * the saved system variables are restored

Well, I'm glad to know it isn't *easy* to change the default background
color from black to white.  ;-)