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Re: Registering CT and MRI volumes

	One "standard" algorithm is Roger Wood's AIR:


	Many of the more popular (particularly functional)
imaging apps use variants of this approach.  I have not
seen it coded in .PRO yet (it actually could be done fairly
efficiently), but the technique is very straight-forward
and reasonably robust for small corrections. The functional
imaging group I work with has had good results with it.  
I have been thinking about a writing a DLM for it, but I was 
waiting until the next release which I hope will allow 
real-time use of the algorithm.  My application is real-time 
fMRI.  We use IDL (augmented with a lot of DLMs):

Smyser C, Grabowski RJ, Frank RJ, Haller JW, Blinger L,
"Real-time multiple linear regression for fMRI supported by 
time-aware acquisition and processing", Magnetic Resonance 
in Medicine, Volume 45, Issue 2, 2001, pp. 289-298. 

Not exactly what you were asking for, I hope you find
some of it useful. 

BTW: on your KB_ISOSURFACE, might I suggest adding a DLM
to compute an  "optimal" complete seed set for a given 
dataset?  The combination of that and your KB_ISOSURFACE
would yield a complete, high-performance replacement for 
the existing IDL DLM.  I use a variant of this myself for 
N-D isocontouring.  A good reference might be:

Bajaj CL, Pascucci V, Schikore DR,"Fast Isocontouring For 
Improved Interactivity", 1996 Volume Visualization Symposium, 
ISBN 0-89791-741-3, pp.39-46 

Apologies for my long-winded response.  Those of you who
know me, know I can not help it...

karthik balasubramaniam wrote:
> reply-to: clunis_immensus@hotmail.com
> I remember spotting a thread on registering medical volume data,
> a while back. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to retrieve it at deja.com,
> which I've been using so far(only shows me recent postings).
> Anyways, I need to register CT and MRI volumes, and was hoping someone could
> point me to IDL(or even C/C++) code that does volume registration.
> I do have some literature on the topic, but thought it worthwhile sounding
> out
> people before reinventing the wheel.
> Any links, references, code would be immensely appreciated.
> Also, could someone recommend me a web-based newsreader where I could access
> old postings of this newsgroup?
> many thanks,
> Karthik Balasubramaniam
> CAS Technologies, Chennai
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