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Overriding unfocussable Windows.

Normal IDL plot windows (on unix & linux systems) have the X-property (as 
returned by xprop):
                Client accepts input or input focus: False

Most window managers ignore this to the extent that they allow the window 
to be selected, however kwin (since shortly before the 2.0 release, I'm 
currently using 2.1) applies it rigorously. This is most unfortunate as if 
the plot window is an 8-bit window with a private colour map, the only way 
to get the correct colours is to select that window with the window manager.

While it is possible to manually use xprop to remove the hint this is 
clearly unacceptable as more than a 1-off solution. Is there any way either 
to force kwin to select windows with this hint, or to tell IDL to turn it 

If not, is this a bug in IDL or in kwin (or both?)


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