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Re: Open file in 5.4

Thierry Faucounau (thierry@NOSPAM.rsinc.com) writes:

> I have to confess guilt for this new behavior. What it is doing is syntax
> coloring (or chromacoding) the file as well as calculating initial line
> widths. Once you save the file, this info will be stored in the resource
> fork and you will no longer encounter the delay. This is actually meant as
> a performance tweak... no really :)
> BTW David, this is on the Macintosh which in 5.4 has a reworked editor
> (among other things)

Well, now, here is some good news from someone who
obviously knows what is going on. Thanks. :-)

Now, can you tell us how color works on the Mac G4?
Pavel and I have gotten each other totally confused
trying to answer a private e-mail question from a
lurker. :-(

What I have noticed is that on a 32-bit display, it
seems almost impossible to flip back and forth between
Device, Decomposed=0 and Device, Decomposed=1. What is
the best way to be able to display either a 24-bit or
an 8-bit image? It seems to me the color table vectors
have to be re-loaded every time you set Decomposed=0.
Is this what you recommend?


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