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Re: IDL i/o on G4

On Thu, 15 Mar 2001 12:47:53 -0500, 
JD Smith <jdsmith@astro.cornell.edu> wrote:

>If I were you, I'd drop RSI a line and ask two things:
>1.  What are your plans with respect to MacOSX?
>2.  If you have internal builds of IDL for MOSX, can you comment on I/O
>performance?  Altivec usage?  Command line support?

Thanks, I will do.

>I should think a G4 titanium with OSX would be just about the fastest
>laptop for running IDL available, but only if RSI is on the ball and has
>a version ready when it hits prime time (sometime this summer, though
>the release is next week).

Sometimes I with Apple would get a clue and _pay RSI (and Mathworks
for that matters) money_ to do that. They advertise the G4 as 
a "supercomputer", but so far it looks more like a glorified
$5k DVD player. I am pretty sure it was one of the reasons 
the Cube fail. 

>You might also consider bothering RSI about LinuxPPC support, which
>should be pretty trivial for them.  Then your I/O issues largely

One would think they can do it. After all RSI were probably the first to
port serious application on x86/Linux. They also have TerraSoft next door.
From the other end I was always dissapointed with x86/Linux port of IDL 
(I have not tried the latest releas though). It was not very stable,
required multiple visuals (that x86 hardware would not provide)...

>Keep in mind however that all laptops' I/O will underperform: disk size
>and weight are optimized over speed.  

I understand that. My major concern is a sustain memory throughput.
It is not going to be a major number cruncher.

>Good luck,

Thanks again.