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Mark Chan (chanm@cadvision.com) writes:
> plot,x,y,title='Some Text Here'
> IDL will use a default font for plotting.
> The fonts on the plot looks ok (not the best) on the computer screen. But
> when the plot (e.g. saved in some format suitable for display) is projected
> using a LCD on to a wall sized screen (e.g. 5' by 7'), the fonts doesn't
> look too satisfying. The display from programs like PowerPoint, Words or
> Excel looks much better with LCD projection.
> Any suggestion on how to make IDL fonts comparable to those from PowerPoint
> when using a LCD? Which font will produce better result than the default?

True-type fonts:

   Plot, x, y, Title='Some Text Here', Font=1, Charsize=2.25


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