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IDL and Mac OS 9.1

I'm new to this group so please bear with me.

Are there any IDL Mac users in the group? Is anyone using OS 9.1?

I have been running IDL on a PowerBook 2000 (Pismo) for a year with great
success. I recently updated from OS 9.04 to 9.1. My IDL license is activated
with a USB HASP from Aladdin.

Here's my problem: under OS 9.1 with the USB extension activated for the
HASP, Ethernet is no longer available in the TCP/IP control panel. It is
just gone --- not an option. This is also true if the USB HASP extension is
the ONLY extension (other than Apple extensions) active. Ethernet returns
when the USB HASP extension is disabled.

More details: I updated to 9.1 by first doing a clean install of 9.04 from
the Apple CD then immediately ran the updater (download version not the CD
version). I then installed only those 3rd party extensions absolutely needed
for the applications I use. The system has been very, very stable, runs for
weeks without need to reboot. Its just that I have no network services
(including printing) when I run IDL.

I have reported this to RSI and they are talking to Aladdin. In the
meantime, they have given me a temporary Evaluation Purposes Only license to
run without the HASP so I can print, but a permanent solution is needed.

Anyone in this group have a similar experience or have no problem with the
MacHASP and 9.1?


Bob Fugate