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Re: IDL and Mac OS 9.1

In article <B6DA440F.A1A%rqfugate@mindspring.com>, Bob Fugate 
<rqfugate@mindspring.com> wrote:

    Bob -

    We have IDL 5.4 running with a USB HASP on a G4 Cube under 9.1, and 
it has no problem with Ethernet --- we use the 10/100 port for both 
AppleTalk and TCP/IP. (That's two closets, David: Mac and a Cube to 

    Although we have other Mac OS 9.1 boxes, I don't believ any of the 
others has a USB HASP (typical situation is a Griffin Technologies ADB 
to USB adapter and an old ADB HASP).


                  Joe Gurman

P.S. Hopefully in not a whole lot more than 6 days, we'll see just how 
fast IDL can be when optimized for AltiVec support under Mac OS X.... I 
did say, "Hopefully."

> Are there any IDL Mac users in the group? Is anyone using OS 9.1?
> I have been running IDL on a PowerBook 2000 (Pismo) for a year with great
> success. I recently updated from OS 9.04 to 9.1. My IDL license is 
> activated
> with a USB HASP from Aladdin.
> Here's my problem: under OS 9.1 with the USB extension activated for the
> HASP, Ethernet is no longer available in the TCP/IP control panel. It is
> just gone --- not an option. This is also true if the USB HASP extension 
> is
> the ONLY extension (other than Apple extensions) active. Ethernet returns
> when the USB HASP extension is disabled.
> More details: I updated to 9.1 by first doing a clean install of 9.04 
> from
> the Apple CD then immediately ran the updater (download version not the 
> CD
> version). I then installed only those 3rd party extensions absolutely 
> needed
> for the applications I use. The system has been very, very stable, runs 
> for
> weeks without need to reboot. Its just that I have no network services
> (including printing) when I run IDL.
> I have reported this to RSI and they are talking to Aladdin. In the
> meantime, they have given me a temporary Evaluation Purposes Only license 
> to
> run without the HASP so I can print, but a permanent solution is needed.
> Anyone in this group have a similar experience or have no problem with 
> the
> MacHASP and 9.1?