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Liam Gumley (Liam.Gumley@ssec.wisc.edu) writes:

> If you are running IDL 5.4 on a Windows platform, you can use the METAFILE
> device to create graphical output which looks great in Microsoft
> applications (such as Word or Powerpoint). For example:
> entry_device = !d.name
> set_plot, 'METAFILE'
> device, filename='test.emf'
> device, set_font='Helvetica*32'
> x = findgen(200) * 0.1
> y = sin(x)
> plot, x, y, title='Test Plot', xtitle='X-Axis', ytitle='Y-Axis', font=0
> device, /close_file
> set_plot, entry_device
> To import the resulting Windows Enhanced Metafile (test.emf) into Word, use
> 'Insert/Picture/From File'.

Humm. Using exactly this code, I find the Y axis
label is not rotated when I import this into 
Microsoft Word. Do you see something else, Liam?
I'm running on Microsoft products, naturally. :-(


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