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Re: Regular Expressions

Mark Hadfield wrote:
> >
> > ; Find the substring beginning with an "=", followed by any number
> > ; of characters, followed by a quote, followed by any number of
> > ; characters (including double quotes) up to the last single quote.
> > ; Extract from this substring all characters between the first
> > ; and last single quotes.
> So, you're saying that STREGEX is a good thing because (like HISTOGRAM) it
> allows you to write code in which the executable statements are several
> times shorter than the comments required to explain them?

I take that as a personal jab.  Actually, the code I write is much more
comprehensible than the examples I post here -- I *do* have a reputation
to maintain though.

Somehow, I think the equivalent byte array version would be even
uglier.  Anyone care to whip up a version for comparison, using the
detailed comments above?