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Re: Re: Idlde 5.4 under RedHat 6.2: Crashes and hanging procs

Dear Nigel and the rest of you ,

Thanks for your reply! -Actually item 2 was a problem: I ran out of
logical file numbers in IDL, as I was displaying a lot of files until I
couldn't do that anymore. Changing the command to:

spawn,"/usr/bin/X11/gv "+outfile+" >& /dev/null & "

solved the problem.

Greetings, Ole

Part of the post from Nigel Wade:
> > 2) In my programs I frequently spawn a postscript viewer like
> > spawn,unit=a,"/usr/bin/X11/gv "+outfile
> > where a is some unit and outfile is the file I just wrote.
> > This works fine, but when I close gv I am left with a "defunct" tcsh
> hanging
> > around. 
> That's because you have specified unit=a on the spawn command.
> IDL has not yet finished with the process, the command 'close,a'
> should get rid of it.


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