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Re: Truncated save file?

I have encountered it on linux while saving large datasets (v5.3).
got around it by manically trying various combinations of


while deleting the existing save file in another window, and
verifying that the save file was restorable in yet another

At some point IDL (or whatever malevolent entity it is that
is watching) gives up and lets you write an untruncated file.

good luck,

In article <Pine.LNX.4.30.0103281327010.4466-100000@zupcx6.star.ucl.ac.uk>,
Stuart Colley  <src@zupcx6.star.ucl.ac.uk> wrote:
>does anyone know what a truncated save file is?  I've just spent a couple
>of weeks doing a Monte Carlo simulation, I'd hate to lose the data...
>% RESTORE: Portable (XDR) SAVE/RESTORE file.
>% RESTORE: Save file written by src@zudata1.star.ucl.ac.uk, Wed Mar 28
>           13:15:13 2001.
>% RESTORE: IDL version 5.3 (linux, x86).
>% RESTORE: Truncated save file, restored as much as possible:
>           /stuart/src/monty/zudata1_4472_mc.sav.
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