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Re: why is using objects so much slower ?

I think the most important thing to remember is that Objects in IDL is
not the same as Object graphics. I also can say that from the 3
platforms I routinely use IDL on, the HP9000 is the one I dislike the
most. Object graphics are very slow on the terminals, because graphic
accelerators are just not present, and the software rendering is slow. I
did use OG for line plots for one simple reason: too lazy to write DG
substitutes for the existing ROI and ogWindow Pickdata and Select
methods. On a fast personal computer, OG is not much slower that DG.


Henkie wrote:
> Hi,
> because I love object oriented programming, I decided to try the objects in
> IDL too.  However, when using the objects to plot some of my stuff, it
> turned out to be soooooo sloooow.  Really, I mean a factor of 10 or so, and
> I wasn't doing anything funky.  Is this normal behaviour ?  I'm actually
> quite disappointed about it that I can not use it this way.  I must add that
> IDL on our HP9000 system isn't a speed champion (let alone the awfull
> pseudo-coloring : oops, my program ate all my colors), but at least it was
> useable.
> Greetz,
> Henk