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Re: why is using objects so much slower ?

Henkie wrote:
> Hi,
> because I love object oriented programming, I decided to try the objects in
> IDL too.  However, when using the objects to plot some of my stuff, it
> turned out to be soooooo sloooow.  [...]

Well, this is not the objects, but the rendering in the IDL object
graphics routines. At RSI they apparently have the idea that no later
than 2 years from now everyone will 
sit in front of a machine with a sophisticated 3D rendering engine
(and that all the Linuxes will by then support 3D rendering natively
;-). May still be that direct graphics is a little faster for certain
applications. I'd dare to postulate the following theorem:
   the more you care about individual pixels or line fragments, the
directer your graphics should be.


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