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Re: array dimensions

"Richard G. French" <rfrench@wellesley.edu> writes:

> David Fanning wrote:
> >>     dimensions = Size(myarray, /Dimensions)
> > 
> > Cheers,
> David is the master of keywords - I've used SIZE all these years without
> knowing that there was a /DIMENSIONS keyword. I guess the only way to 
> know about these things is to read through the documentation over and
> over again and take notes on potentially useful keywords and options.

The DIMENSION keyword is *new* when judged by the "all these years"
standard.  It first appeared in IDL 5.1.

If you are interested in important keywords, I've found
SMOOTH(/EDGE_TRUNCATE) indispensable, as well as CONVOL(/CENTER).  I
don't do *that* much time series analysis but it seems I always need
these keywords when I do.


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