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Re: array dimensions

Francesco (francesco.spada@jrc.it) writes:

> I'm particulary interested in this keyword since I have many problem
> with colors.
> First of all I'm working with IDL 5.4 for win and I use WIN98 (16.8
> millions of colors (24 bit)).
> For fixing some color problem I use (taken from the demo of IDL, I
> don't know what they mean):
> device, decomposed=0
> device, bypass_translation=0
> When I make some contour with /fill all is all right, but when I try
> to use xinteranimate
>   wdelete
>   xinteranimate, set = [xw,yw,hrs]
>   for i=0,hrs-1 do begin
>     xinteranimate,frame=i,image=imgs(*,*,i)
>   endfor
>   xinteranimate
> I get completely different (and not really nice!!) colors from the
> imgs that I see before the animation.
> Does anyone can tell me why and what's the meaning (in a simpler way
> than that of the IDL man) of the device keyword I use?

In a simple way, DECOMPOSED=0 means don't take this number
I specify for a color and decompose it into 8-bits of red
information, and 8-bits of green information, and 8-bits
of blue information. Instead, use the number I specify as 
an index into a color lookup table, and use the RGB values you 
find there to specify the color I want.

You can learn a great deal about color by reading these
articles on my web page:


Or, you could purchase my book, which only costs about
16 million lira in Italy, I think. :-)



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