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Re: array dimensions

On Sat, 7 Apr 2001 19:40:17 -0600, davidf@dfanning.com (David Fanning)

>Richard G. French (rfrench@wellesley.edu) writes:
>> Which brings me to my question - does anyone out there have a favorite
>> keyword on a routine that we mere mortals might not know about, but
>> which
>> might make our lives much easier?
>I'm inordinately fond of DECOMPOSED=0. :-)

I'm particulary interested in this keyword since I have many problem
with colors.

First of all I'm working with IDL 5.4 for win and I use WIN98 (16.8
millions of colors (24 bit)).

For fixing some color problem I use (taken from the demo of IDL, I
don't know what they mean):

device, decomposed=0
device, bypass_translation=0

When I make some contour with /fill all is all right, but when I try
to use xinteranimate

  xinteranimate, set = [xw,yw,hrs]
  for i=0,hrs-1 do begin

I get completely different (and not really nice!!) colors from the
imgs that I see before the animation.

Does anyone can tell me why and what's the meaning (in a simpler way
than that of the IDL man) of the device keyword I use?

Thank you very much also for helping me with the /dimension keyword!!