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Re: array dimensions

web (jiali3@21cn.com) writes:
> I still remember that decomposed=0. You know before that, I change my screen
> color set frequently. And I had wasted much time to find a way to set the
> display color.

I used to fool around with it too. But it was
too much work. So I just wrote a bunch of color
tools that don't care whether color decomposition
is turned on or off and I use those. I haven't 
set the color decomposition keyword (or even looked
to see what it is set to) for well over a year now. :-)

> To read the help document is too hard. Are there any good course or document
> on the web?

Programming itself is too hard. There really should
be some other way. I hear tell there is a pretty good
book around about IDL Programming, but I don't have the
time to read it, and I can't remember the author anyway.
> By the way, I have known how to draw solid arrow, but all the arrow I draw
> are ploted in 'velocity', then how to draw solid arrow? It seems that there
> is not any solid keywords there.

You will probably have to modify something like the VELOVECT
procedure. Everywhere it is using a PLOTS to draw the arrow,
you might want to substitute an ARROW, /SOLID command. It will
be a bit slower, of course, but it will probably look good.



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