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sec : u Re: Error on shutdown of widget !@$%

Mark Hadfield wrote:
> From: "Reimar Bauer" <r.bauer@fz-juelich.de>
> > Another possibility instead of KILL_NOTIFY described by Marc
> > is to suppress this feature.
> >
> > This is done by the keyword TLB_FRAME_ATTR to widget_base()
> >
> IMHO that's bad practice. Users expect to be able to close windows via the
> controls on the window frame. The programmer should provide for this unless
> there's a good reason not to.

 I think you've scored the bullseye in one right there, Mark. 

 "Users" are as good a reason not to as any I know of.


 I vote for the old Keep It Simple, Stupid (KISS) principle when
 dealing with Research Scientists. Give them a chance to &^%@* it up,
 and they will...

 Allow no latitude nor lateral thinking in the interface.

 Put the fuzzies in a nice solid black box, outta sight of the users.

 Show mercy to the poor simple things... ;-))

 Andrew (programmer-type) Cool

 PS : And always build in the extra capability that you know they'll
      ask for next week when they start thinking "What if..."

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