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Re: Image overlay

this should be in the FAQ if it isn't already....

You can take the approach outlined by Craig or you can go the transparancy
route.  If you go down this road be aware that it is best done in object
graphics.  Take a look at David Fanning's IMAGE_BLEND program found at:



"Raymond Pete" <raymond.pete@maine.edu> wrote in message
> Need some help here guys.. if u dont mind..
> I have a Tire displayed using tv.. I also below that have an image file
> that i have read in using a function i wrote to read a proprietarty image
> extension displayed in a 2d section.. my issue is i want to overlay the
> data image file onto the Tire to show the properties as such.. any
> functions or advice would be GREATLY appreciated..
> NOTE: the image file is setup as an 8-bit RBG file one byte per pixel..