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Active X Interface


I am trying to interface to IDL 5.3 using the Active X
control interface. I am using Visual C++ 6.0 and placing
the control in a dialog base application. I have been
using the Active X tutorial which I got from RSI as
a guide.
When  following the first example by programing the
stand alone interface it works just like the tutorial
indicates producing it own  Widget Window.
When I try to program it using the Object Graphics
technique it fails.
I also have the source for a similiar example from RSI
which works fine. If I copy the same source into my
program in the same place it fails just like my code does.

 I was wondering if there was something else, compiler flag, include
statement, etc. that had to be
done now that didn't have to done in eariler versions.

I did notice that source code from RSI, which worked,
had a IDL source (xxx.pro) file in the project. Maybe
this provided a necessary link ?

I was just wondering if there was someone out there who
had exerience with using the Active X interface with
Visual C++.

Thank you for your time and consideration.