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Re: IDL plot is inconsistent, where is subtle error?

bleau@umtof.umd.edu (Lawrence Bleau) writes:

> In article <gurman-669C26.14174604052001@news.gsfc.nasa.gov>, "Joseph B. Gurman" <gurman@gsfc.nasa.gov> writes:
> >
> >    But of course, Larry, you know that you can't create GIFs in 5.4....
> No, I did not realize this, and I just paid for a new copy (only $10).
> Why did this happen?  Is there a replacement operation?  Is there a 3rd-party
> add-on to allow this?

Apparently the owner of the LZW compression "patent" -- Unisys --
popped a huge license fee increase on RSI, and RSI refused to pay.
Hence, no GIFs.  This is despite the fact that the patent is only
valid for another year or so.

There has been some success with people transferring the GIF DLM's
from an older version of IDL to the newer version.  Sometimes it
works, sometimes not.


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