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Re: IDL plot is inconsistent, where is subtle error?

In article <9csbad$jqu$1@hecate.umd.edu>, bleau@umtof.umd.edu wrote:

    But of course, Larry, you know that you can't create GIFs in 5.4....

    BTW, I love the PM and SEM pages, especially the Shockspotter 


                  Joe Gurman

> Thank you, Craig Markwardt <craigmnet@cow.physics.wisc.edu> and Paul van 
> Delst
> <paul.vandelst@noaa.gov>, for your suggestion to subtract off a base 
> epoch.  A
> coworker of mine gave me the same suggestion last night, which I tested. 
> You'll be happy to learn that it worked!
> Also, your insights about direct graphics being single precision in IDL 
> V5.2,
> but double in V5.4, were quite enlightening and would explain the missing 
> tick
> mark.  I'll definitely upgrade and retest this later on (anything to 
> simplify
> this code).
> Btw, the missing tick mark was not just on the even hour; that was a 
> false
> pattern.  I ran it with a whole range of ending hours, and only 2 in 10 
> worked
> as expected.  I was using XTICKV already, btw, and passed it a DOUBLE.  
> That's
> moot, though; since I put in the base epoch subtraction it works like a 
> charm. 
> If you're curious as to how this plot developed, look at
> http://umtof.umd.edu/sem/latest4hrs.gif
> For info on the science project from which this data was obtained, see
> http://umtof.umd.edu/sem/
> Thanks again!

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