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Re: movie into powerpoint

mankoff@lasp.colorado.edu wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone direct me to the most effecient way to get a movie into
> powerpoint? Which movie formats are easiest to write a sequence of images
> into and the import into powerpoint, or translate into an importable
> format?

I was working on this just now actually.  Mark has some excellent info:


I chose the FliC format, which is smaller and much nicer than MPEG, etc,
for scientific "cartoon" type movies (animated graphs, etc.) -- none of
the flicker and blotchiness I associated with MPEGs of the same type. 
Powerpoint cannot play FliC's internally without buying some plug-in for
WMP, I guess.  I ended up using the free PowerFlic player and just
linking to it.  To generate the flics, I write ppm's, and then spawn
ppm2fli from the unix command line.  Make sure to use the -g option to
set the size of the movie, unless you've written 640x480 frames (the
default size).

Good luck,