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write_ppm (newbie)


I'm a little stuck with the write_ppm function in IDL5.4, can anyone help?

I know the syntax for the function follows:

write_ppm, filename, image

where image contains the info on what you want to write.
So far I have been specifying image as...


...and then writing the write_ppm function.

Trouble is this only seems to write is as a gray-scale image, and if I

write_ppm,filename, tvrd(),r,g,b

(having done tvlct,/get,r,g,b)

..IDL won't have it, as there are the incorrect number of arguements
following the function. How can I get a color ppm?

Thanks in adavnce to those who reply



Craig Wallace  Craig.Wallace@uea.ac.uk
Postgraduate, Climatic Research Unit,
University of East Anglia,
Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7TJ, ENGLAND

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