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Object Graphics newbie question

I want to make a 2D plot of, say, 10k data points, and each data point
has associated with it a specific color and a set of secondary data
points (an emission line spectrum). Since I want to be able to zoom in
on and move around the data in order to make selection of individual
data points easier, I thought that Object Graphics would be the way to
go. However, it is 10k data points, so I clearly need to be careful in
order to have efficient code. 

My first question is: should I be using Object Graphics? I have no feel
for how complicated it would be to implement the
zoom/translate/selection features in Direct Graphics.

My second question is: Suppose I should use Object Graphics, should I
use IDLgrPolygon for each data point, or should I try to do this using
IDLgrPlot with a self-defined IDLgrSymbol (I want a filled symbol in
order to see its color clearly). The "Objects and Object Graphics" IDL
manual gives both as a possibility, but I am unclear on the relative
merits of each.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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