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Re: how to set path?


you can append additional directory names to the !Path system variable
like so:

dir_name1 = '~/prog/idl'
dir_name2 = '~/arcsym/tools/idl'

!Path = dir_name1 + ':' + !Path
!Path = dir_name2 + ':' + !Path

the IDL documentation says though that !Path only works for .pro files, etc.

for data files, i generally prefer specifying a string variable that has
the entire path in it, and appending it to the filename, like:

pathname = '/users/johnny/datafile'
filename = 'foo.dat'
fullname = pathname + '/' + filename

maybe someone else has help on specifying paths for data files.


Johnny Lin
CIRES, University of Colorado
Work Phone:  (303) 735-1636
Web:  http://cires.colorado.edu/~johnny/

"web" <jiali3@21cn.com> wrote in message news:<9eg7f8$c03$2@mail.cn99.com>...
> Hi, I'd like to know how to set path in IDL. For example, my idl program is
> in some directory. In the program, some datafile will be input. If I donot
> set whole path including the directory, there is a falt indicating that the
> data file cannot be found in rsi\idl. I hope that all the file in the same
> directory as idl program will not indict whole path. How to do that? thanks!