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Re: Writing display as jpeg


You might try to use TVRead from David Fanning's website.  It handles
all of the subtle issues regarding display depth, etc.  I think he has
written in an additional bit of code for saving the image in different
formats.  Liam Gumley has a similar program called SaveImage (you can
get it through David's annotate links page.) 




Alok Nagdev wrote:
> I'm stuck on a very simple problem. I need to read an image from the
> display and write as a jpeg, I get it written but then the image is very
> much distorted. Please advise.
> I'm reading the display using TVRD() and writing it as true color! Also
> I load the color tables before I read it as true color image.
> Thanks,
> -Alok

Ben Tupper
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