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Re: IDL and UNIX setenv

Nigel Wade wrote in message <9gkfmi$jgv4$2@rook.le.ac.uk>...
>In article , "Daniel Peduzzi" <peduzzi@mediaone.net> writes:
>> I tried to append the "/usr1/guest/bin/" directory to my UNIX
>> path before starting an IDL session, but the path information 
>> doesn't seem to be propagated into IDL. 
>I'm pretty sure it uses PATH to determine the location of the 
>Try checking your PATH carefully to make sure that you haven't added 
>it incorrectly. If you can run "myprog" from the command line you 
>should be able to run it from within IDL.

That's what I thought, too.  Before I started IDL, I verified that
I could run "myprog" from any directory as a result of extending
the path correctly.  But subsequently, I'm not able to SPAWN the 
program from within IDL without indicating its exact location.

>What do you get if you run :
> IDL> spawn,'echo $PATH'

I get the UNIX pathname BEFORE I extended the path.  Not only that,
but if I try to extend the PATH environment variable from within
IDL, I still can't run "myprog".  Boy, am I confused!