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Re: i need help with imagemap

alison lucie wrote:
> i am a fairly new idl user and need some help.
> i currently have images from the meteosat satellites, which i am
> trying
> to convert to latitude/ longtitude coordinates. i have managed to
> create
> arrays for the latitude and longtiude of each pixel, but this is as
> far as i have got.
> i have tried using liam gumleys imagemap program, but without success.
> the most common complaint idl has with this
> program is that i have reached the end of file before the end of the
> program.
> has anyone got any ideas what i might be doing wrong?
> any help would be great.

Hi Alison,

I suspect the problem is caused by the method you are using to read the
file. IMAGEMAP doesn't know anything about data files: it just plots
arrays that already exist in memory.

Can you be a bit more specific about the type of data file you are
trying to read? For example, 

How many pixels are in each row?
How many rows?
What is the data type for each pixel (e.g., byte, 16-bit integer, 32-bit
How many bytes of header information (if any)?