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Re: i need help with imagemap

"Liam E. Gumley" wrote:
> alison lucie wrote:
> > i am a fairly new idl user and need some help.
> > i currently have images from the meteosat satellites, which i am
> > trying
> > to convert to latitude/ longtitude coordinates. i have managed to
> > create
> > arrays for the latitude and longtiude of each pixel, but this is as
> > far as i have got.
> > i have tried using liam gumleys imagemap program, but without success.
> > the most common complaint idl has with this
> > program is that i have reached the end of file before the end of the
> > program.
> > has anyone got any ideas what i might be doing wrong?
> > any help would be great.
> Hi Alison,
> I suspect the problem is caused by the method you are using to read the
> file. IMAGEMAP doesn't know anything about data files: it just plots
> arrays that already exist in memory.

Actually the error quoted, that IDL has "reached the end of file before the end of the
program" sounds more like a corrupted source code file with an unterminated (or
incorrectly terminated) control construct. I get that error sometimes when I quickly
fiddle with IF constructs when testing code.

It can be a bugger to find this stuff as IDL doesn't report a useful line number (it
reports the last END as where the error occurred.... which, strictly speaking, is correct
but not too helpful.)

But, without more info, the above is just a guess.


p.s. I use Liam's imagemap successfully all the time and wonder what is meant by "the most
common complaint idl has with this program..." What other complaints do you get, Alison?

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